Goat breeds: Provencal goat

Goat breeds: Provencal goat

Origin and diffusion

Origin: France.

The Chèvre Provençale originates from the hills of Provence, where the greatest number of heads is still recorded today. Provencal has spread over time to the Roya valley, but should not be confused with the Rove goat (originating in lower Provence) or the Roya goat (originating in the Maritime Alps).
Since 1993, an association of breeders has tried to protect the Provencal goat, making it typical for the production of Banon AOC, a cheese well known in the region.

Morphological and productive characteristics

Since there is no well-defined standard, the morphological characteristics of this goat population have never been carefully selected. For this, there is a great heterogeneity of characters between the various heads and the high genetic variability gives the animal a particular adaptability and rusticity.

It has a medium size and a robust build, has a large head and long ears, rolled up at the ends.
The hair is long, especially under the belly and on the back.

Provencal beak (Par Pourkoisa - Travail personnel, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Provencal Goat (Par Mimicki - Travail personnel, Domaine public,

Provencal goat (photo

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