Horse breeds: Northlands Pony

Horse breeds: Northlands Pony

Origins and attitudes

Saddle and light shooting ponies, originally from Norway. The origins of this horse are very ancient and refer to the Nordic pony descended from the Mongolian Wild Horse and the Tarpan. It was bred up to 900 by individual breeders without any selective criteria. Since the end of the Second World War, a rational and selective breeding has started that has brought the breed back to the levels that compete in a few years, especially thanks to the Rimfakse stallion who can be considered almost the progenitor of the modern Northlands breed.
Good field riding for young riders and adults.

Morphological characters

Type: mesomorphic.
Cloaks: chestnut, bay, dark bay, gray.
Average height at the withers: 130 cm.
Weight: 280 - 320 kg.
Quiet, docile and energetic.

Northlands Pony (photo

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